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Intersect hash Introducing INTERSECT, our brand-new publication on growth, design, and engineering


experience design studio

We have a few thoughts on building software products.

Respect the user. Always.

Inform, inspire, and entertain.

Make your customers' lives easier.

Sell without selling. Tell a compelling story.

Noticeably excellent design wins every time.

Make just one thing the standout proposition.

Delight users at every twist and turn of the experience.

If you're in this just for the money, then the war is already lost.

But if you're in it to change the world, we're here to change it with you.

A Brief* History

  • 1994
    The Lion King opens in theaters everywhere.
    Some folks ride an underwater train from France to England.
    New Whiteland, Indiana has a really cold day.
    Jared White is introduced to a pretty cool new thing called: "the World-Wide Web".
  • 1997
    The Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl.
    Hong Kong says bye-bye UK, hello China.
    Netscape Navigator 4 is released.
    Jared starts his first web design agency.
  • 2000
    Computers around the globe don't destroy the world.
    Dora the Explorer greets children with an emphatic ¡Hola! for the first time.
    Peanuts fans everywhere give their farewells to beloved creator Charles M. Schulz (1922–2000).
    Jared designs a website for a XML-based data consulting firm that plays an instrumental role in their purchase by an industry heavyweight.
  • 2003
    Internet Explorer 6 achieves nearly 90% browser market share. [insert loud groans here.]
    The US sees more tornadoes in a single week than any other in its history (393 to be exact).
    The Iraq War starts. (Clearly this was not the best year ever.)
    Jared's design agency transitions into PHP and MySQL programming, expanding into software development.
  • 2005
    The future of Internet video, YouTube, is founded.
    Disneyland comes to Hong Kong.
    Pink Floyd plays once again.
    Jared releases Willowgarden, one of the first open source OOP frameworks for PHP version 5.
  • 2007
    Steve Jobs announces the iPhone.
    BlackBerry, Palm, and Microsoft issue a collective yawn.
    Firefox 2 helps propel the browser to a new high of 28% market share.
    Jared and team work their tails off to launch a major new version of the website for Babycenter, the world's leading parenting portal.
  • 2009
    Still yawning, BlackBerry?
    The largest trans-national elections in history introduce 736 members into the EU Parliment.
    Internet Explorer 8 is released, the last Microsoft browser to run on Windows XP.
    Jared joins the ranks of professional Ruby on Rails developers with two successful client projects under his belt.
  • 2011
    The Asset Pipeline comes to Rails 3.1. Preprocessors RULE!
    Speaking of preprocessors, the Opal project—Ruby in the browser!—officially gets underway.
    Protesters take to the streets as the Occupy Wall Street movement begins.
    Within a several day time period, Steve Jobs leaves this mortal coil, Jared's first baby is born (it's a girl!), and Jared gets an idea for his first software startup (subsequently launched as Mariposta).
  • 2012
    The Avengers brings the four heros of the MCU together. Superhero fans everywhere rejoice!
    The SpaceX Dragon docks with the ISS, the first private spacecraft to do so.
    Once again, the world doesn't end (on December 21, 2012).
    Jared embarks on a several-year-long development project for one of San Francisco's top tech recruiting firms.
  • 2015
    Style becomes the third consecutive top 10 single from Taylor Swift's 1989.
    The Watch is here, making it the first true post-Jobs Apple product.
    Princess Charlotte! OMG OMG OMG!!!
    After nearly 20 years working as a professional website and software designer and developer, Jared White launches a brand-new experience design studio: WHITEFUSION*UX.

* Just wait until we publish our verbose history!

Jared White
A Message from Our CEO
Jared White

“We chose to put UX in the very name of our consultancy for a reason. When a project is in motion, implementation details and business expectations can cause us to lose sight of the ultimate goal: creating a brilliant experience for real-world users.

User-first design is near and dear to our hearts. We are thrilled to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs and product managers who are ready to take their visions to the next level.”

How We Roll

We provide several different formats for project engagements, customizing our available talents and attention to fit your unique business case. Our offerings are as follows:

Full stack

Full Stack

If you're ready to get a startup or new project off the ground, we'll come in on day one and provide strategic know-how, fast iteration of prototypes, and finally production-ready software. We've been involved in numerous product launches and understand the pitfalls and priorities to get things done—and done right. We also offer long-term contracts for an ongoing relationship beyond the initial launch.

Short run

Short Run

We love working on smaller projects too! We'll run alongside you throughout the whole design, editorial, and development process for your website. Once production is finalized, we'll generate a clear and useful handoff so that you can keep on maintaining and releasing content regularly in-house. Continue to use our production services after the initial site launch on an as-needed basis.



If you're looking to test out some new ideas and aren't yet ready to commit a full set of resources to develop it out, we can work with you to create low or high-fidelity prototypes of the idea. These would be perfect to show prospective partners, investors, or employees. Make sure you are headed in the right direction before you give the green light to a full software project.

Code review


Already have a product in place? Or a team servicing a legacy project? Use our outside expertise to identify performance bottlenecks, gnarly bugs, or overall codebase health. We'd love to show you how we can help take your project to the next level. We can also impart useful, industry best-practice processes for optimal team communication, development velocity, and code quality.

In addition to the engagement formats above, we offer several hour/day/week consulting packages for precision problem-solving.
If your project needs a shot in the arm, this is a fantastic opportunity to get fresh insight and actionable checklists.

Technical Details

Ruby on Rails Opal ZURB Foundation DigitalOcean

We develop sophisticated, best-of-breed web applications and marketing websites using libraries like Ruby on Rails, Jekyll, Opal, and ZURB Foundation. Our preferred hosting provider is DigitalOcean.

We are domain experts in the fields of product and UX/UI design, rapid prototyping, agile communication, and lean startup methodologies.

We are intimately familiar with the latest production tools such as UXPin, Marvel, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Basecamp, GitHub...and the list goes on. We choose the tools we use carefully to make sure each project gets done right.

We seamlessly combine high-level business strategy, visual and architectural design, and craftsmanlike technical execution — bringing you value when and where you need it.

File this in the "oh, yeah, d'oh" department...

After all, this UX has been dumped:

In favor of this (older!) UX:

Good job, knobs. You win.

(At least in the world of analog synthesizers...)

Better for the Community

We're huge believers in the power of open source software to fuel the healthy growth and sustainability of technology.

It's an important goal for us to contribute and give back when we can to the open source community, offering new ideas, bug fixes, and documentation.

We're proud to have contributed to Rails, Opal, Jekyll, and other fine projects over the years, and we hope to release additional original open source code in 2018.

Clients and Partners

At WHITEFUSION*UX, we're proud to have been a key participant on a splendid variety of projects in our many years working in the digital media industry.

Here are just a few of the companies we've been fortunate to work with:

Riviera Partners

Examples from Our Portfolio

Rather than bore you with lengthy details and huge screenshots of random stuff, we decided to include just a few snippets of various elements we've worked on over the years—a mood board showcasing the variety of work that clients have hired us to do and the products we've helped launch. Something here might pique your interest enough to learn more by contacting us. (Hint, hint...)

Mariposta article template
Js code


Every project is different. Some are more different than others. That's why we go to great lengths to craft a proper scope around the work to be done, and promote the usage of agile planning tools throughout an engagement so that things are less likely to catch you (or us) off-guard.

For web applications, our starting price is around $20,000.

For marketing websites, our starting price is around $6,000.

Note: if you are a non-profit, or a bootstrapped startup, please inquire about our discounted rates. Sure, we gotta make enough money to pay for our fancy cars and plush office food on the table and roof over our heads, but we're also happy to give folks a deal who are striving to make the world better.

Let's talk and get a conversation going about your specific needs and goals. We're excited to embark on this voyage together.


Whew! You've made it this far. Give yourself a pat on the back. So rather than stick a giant form in your face, we will just give you our e-mail address instead. Good UX FTW.

Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?

Now that was easy.
(Too easy...)

P.S. You can also email us at if you like a more professional-sounding address.
We junk all those emails. Just kidding...I hope...

P.P.S. WHITEFUSION recently relocated to Portland, OR! We're simply ecstatic to be coworking with the fine folks at NedSpace near Pioneer Courthouse Square. Even saw Fred and Carrie walking by the other day! (Kidding. But that would be AMAZING.)

707 SW Washington St. Suite 1100
Portland, OR 972052